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  • ''Sex is nothing but a decoy for responsibility, probably if sex wasn't as pleasurable as it is, procreation might have been nothing but a myth.''
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  • ''A man who is good with women isn't good with women but a man who is good with one woman is best with women.''
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  • ''A virgin girl is harder to find than a virtuous woman.''
  • ''I have learned that all fear is of the devil but a good type of fear teaches you where the edge is.''
  • ''the richest men in this world has one thing in common- life.''
  • ''Any girl out of the eyes of society is easy. It has nothing to do with beauty, fame, standards nor wealth.''
  • ''The same girl that reject you in society will not reject you in the forest.''
  • ''I personally believe that intelligence is situational, the smartest people make foolish decisions under harsh circumstances.''
  • ''every chain has its weak spot, and there is a way our of every mishap.''
  • ''I'm 22 at University, it's the perfect age to learn and it's the age where you already know enough to learn.''

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Sex Before Marriage

If there's one thing i could ask God to revoke
It's sex before marriage.
Used to think it was something Jesus has overlooked
Guess i've missed average
Who doesn't desire to be entwined beneath the sheets?
To be wrapped and embraced
in the utter-most secret place
The sweat of emotions exalt
Sacred voices in repetition;
All came with imagination
What's so wrong about two persons just experimenting?
Some how we got to learn about how our bodies operate
From a feeling of attraction comes romancing
Whats there to isolate?
God acknowledges sexual ...

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Self Confidence

A silent night, an enormous crowd; preparation was intense
Practice brings perfect; hard work brings a viable product
Magnificent attire, glittering and loud; full participants, no absence
Success is sweet; perspiration is sour; need self-confidence and a little good luck
To aim is to achieve, fear is a deceit; the greatest tactic is to believe and never stand for defeat
The power lies way deep inside; courage, faith, humility, patience
The same time you'll receive a tear drop on your feet

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