Devon Meinert

Biography of Devon Meinert

Hey whats up people my names Devon and Im 17 im gunna b 18 soon woot i love writing poetry its one of my biggest passions and hopefully i might be able to get a career out of it one day who knows though mayb it will happen so anyway everyone come check out my poems and tell me if there good or if they suck lol till peace out

Devon Meinert's Works:

yea lol im still in school i havent had time to write a book but that would b fun to do someday mayb when im really bored or something Updates


Shes sound asleep in the middle of the night but awakes cause something doesnt feel right. She gets up to turn on the light but someone hits her in the head so she cant put up a fight.
As her body falls to the floor. He quietly locks her bedroom door. He looks at her like shes his little wh@re. He doesnt realize shes only thirteen barely even old enough to be called a teen. Its the best body hes ever seen.
So he ties her mouth and her hands so if she wakes up she cant ruin his plans. S

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