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Dexsta Ray Poems

601. Deadly Seductionz 4/29/2014
602. The Book Of Proverbs Is Good 5/4/2014
603. The Bystander (Inches Away) 5/5/2014
604. Satan Is A Hater 5/6/2014
605. Still, I Am Happy 5/6/2014
606. When You Get The Samples Wrong 5/7/2014
607. The Breeze 5/8/2014
608. Let's Fight 5/8/2014
609. Thank The Lord 5/8/2014
610. Tell Them What You Mean 5/13/2014
611. No, We Have To Jump Out 5/14/2014
612. While The World's Wind Whirl 5/18/2014
613. Get The Picture (Last Response) 5/19/2014
614. Just Believe In Your Vision 5/21/2014
615. City Ministry Care Center (Nigeria) 2/22/2014
616. The Problem Is Me (I Long To Do Right) 2/23/2014
617. Hark! Sweven Cherry Blossoms 4/2/2014
618. Purple Ribbons 4/1/2014
619. Let's Fight Pt 2 4/5/2014
620. The Trap And Deceptions (Offense) 4/7/2014
621. I Salute (With Prayer) 4/7/2014
622. Freelance Journalism 4/7/2014
623. Second Corinthians Two Eleven 4/8/2014
624. O, Vivid Landscape Photography 5/24/2014
625. Years In The Shadow 5/26/2014
626. 1980: She's Not Much Of A Talker 5/30/2014
627. Contradicting Paradoxes 6/7/2014
628. But I Already Saw It 6/9/2014
629. Disappeared 6/11/2014
630. Talk Of Revolution 6/20/2014
631. Sometimes 6/22/2014
632. Sitting In The Lobby 6/28/2014
633. Satan Had The Ball Court Confused With The Bench 6/28/2014
634. I Shall Cause A Lot Of Trouble 6/29/2014
635. I Know Somebody's Praying 6/29/2014
636. No, Society's The Bully 7/1/2014
637. Unconfessed Doorways 7/6/2014
638. Here... Outside 7/10/2014
639. Proverbs Twenty One Two 7/11/2014
640. God Is In Control 7/11/2014

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

A Little Bit Of Hope

Trouble knocked upon the door and was waiting
For every new accomplishment
This was the compensation
I've confiscated every negative approach
Thrown into the furnace
And then politely off the boat
Couldn't stand to watch it smoke
Some choke at the thought of confusion
But what it all boils down to
Lost in illusions
Cause' if you thought you were losing
Then what else should you expect?
Debt dictated mind
All she could do was stress
Be vexed
Like the Law of Attraction was just a joke
Pray daily
You can't get what you're asking...

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Its Okay

Don't think I don't know
Because I've peeped your agony
It had to be
The cause' of this feeling
Grabbing me
And actually
I've been trying to free my face from the tears
But now my fallen soldier is the one who's raised me for years
Now you're in constant pain

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