Dexsta Ray

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Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''I believe a revolution is positive. I believe following Christ is positive. I'm for all things positive.''
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  • ''Jesus spoke the truth against that system established by satan's lies. The Scribes and Pharisees couldn't stand Him. Not much has changed to this day.''
    Spiritual truth
  • ''Don't allow anyone to talk you out of your testimony.''
  • ''Refused to be controlled by society. Be vigilant too. Don't confine yourself to what satan thinks you should be.''
  • ''I don't want to be anything 'cool' in the eyes of society. I don't consider myself anything other than what Christ says I am.''
    Personal truth
  • ''It's a warzone out here. Best thing to do is stay true to yours and chase your dreams. It's a mind thing. Let us learn what we're up against.''
  • ''The streets are the epitome of satan. Society idolizes everything God hates. We worship evil. Only we can fix. Society=Streets=World=Satan''
  • ''It's fine to be yourself in Christ. It's a lot better than faking an image for the public. It makes you no less authentic.''
  • ''All knowledge comes from God. What you know is yours. No one can take that from you. No one can tell you what you know. You know.''
  • ''There's no wrong way to do poetry. Not everybody writes the same. Not everybody express themselves the same. That's your poetic license.''

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

Psalm Ninety Five Eight—nine

Give praise to our Holy Father
He gave His only son to die for our sins
Stay brave hold no focus on tomorrow
Accept the Lord for our lives to begin


Don't allow the heart to be hardened
If you started turning
It's gone... living soul discarded
Oh departed!
Darkening views and...
For this is just a part of it too
You could see it clearly
With this generation... opening doors
Interloping roles and closed out
The Lord
We don't see it though
All we ever heed and quote is swearing and ...

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Sound Doctrine

Sound doctrine...
Toxic topics enshroud profits
Ground knowledge
Options and objects, notches
Compound projects
Bound to something other than what's uncovered
I muzzle mine, a bunch of times
In silence, I stumble
And find another puzzle, humble

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