Dexsta Ray

Gold Star - 14,370 Points [Oluwasgun Chidike] (March 8,1994 -)

Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''Eventually, a people will become upset by being ignored and being real problems put to the side. Even still, only peace shall impact.''
    Oppression, peace, riots
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  • ''Situations should be used as a means of catapulted those real covered up problems to the front. Like racism or what's left of it.''
    Truth, life, racism
  • ''Already come a long way. Already came so far. Anywhere else I go is just a bonus for me and my particular journey. Forever grateful for what God has already done.''
    Journey, God, appreciation
  • ''As a man, I'm free to do whatever I want as my journey's concerned. Don't nothing nobody say have anything to do with me and my walk. The detrimental that is.''
    Journey, freedom, Light
  • ''Satanic opinions don't define our realities. It's sad how lightly hell is taken. Attacking God's people in any way is attacking God. Verbally or whatever. Jesus said what He said for a reason. (Luke 23: 34) . But one day... Lord have mercy.''
    Spiritual, truth, persecution
  • ''Surely, these things (societal issues) are in the spotlight. That's good. Though the same can't be said about the reason being. Can't lose sight of that.''
    Society, observation
  • ''I mean, obviously, whatever was being done ain't working. Revolting is one of the most direct ways for the people to send a message. the other is peace. But that's hard when ain't nobody listening or just pushing your stuff under the rug.''
    Society, observation, riots
  • ''The masses will revolt against incessant injustice. The minority community demand the same things as all other communities.''
    Society, observation, riots
  • ''These words are not reflections.''
  • ''Watch what chooses not to see the truth when it's there or don't want to receive it or clarity when it's openly available.''
    Observation, haters

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

I Do My Own Thing

Just the other day... a little birdie came
Told me that I had taken a LOSS
I don't have a problem
That's the name of it all
Only if you are competing though
The statement was
Because... I do my own thing
I don't compete
There's nobody in the world I am trying to defeat
The only reason why I strive is so I can be free
Being able to provide for my
Wife and my seeds...
I try to be a better me everyday
I want to make a difference
So there's nothing more important than to stay committed
Satan tries to throw distractions but ...

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Livelihoods Or Naught

This is unrelated to those with my best interests at heart...


It seems as though
Somebody wants me to starve...
But I already done that
I earned survival, after hard trials

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