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  • '''Phases and Octaves'. I embrace the same concept but I can see a whole other within this same idea. I believe in levels and adjustment. God doesn't do everything all at once all the time but He works on us in a matter of phases. He may put you on one phase and once you gather all you need to get from there and grasp what it is He want you to get you are to move to the next. If you don't master it you keep repeating it because He will make you repeat until you do. This could be His way of destroying habits, wrong beliefs, hidden pains, and any underlying cause of discord. Once it's uncovered, it ain't nothing left to do but grow and transcend. That's why I also believe we sometimes appear to 'change' to others. It's a part of the spiritual journey. Some may be like, 'A couple of months ago so and so was so holy but now they're different' or things of the like but what really happened was, at that time, that particular phase was completed. At the end of every test or phase is peace and closer imitation of God. Before a soul reach that 'holy' point, all the things causing ungodliness must be uprooted and destroyed. We strive to this point but it's not a thing that's evident in every born again Christian. Every journey is different. All experience different realities and cope or have coped with them differently. Once an individual masters one phase, they must fight to get back and stay within that mark God has considered close enough to be 'promoted' by Him. The phase after the one you transcended will always pose a new challenge and new experience not yet faced and more difficult than the last. Mostly always uniquely 'fixed' according to the individual and whatever their particular 'handicap' is. What one soul don't care about might mean the world to the next. What one soul can endure easiliy may be a challenge for the next soul who's already passed years ago in life. It's all a matter of the spiritual walk with God. We must return to our own individual peace by fighting through this particular phase, whatever it may be, and growing. God is strengthening your weaknesses. He knows that satan has targeted your there and He is trying to build up that place and keep demons from entering your soul there.''
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  • ''Because she wasn't doing the norm she wasn't perceived as not doing the norm.''
  • ''I just believe that as long as something you love matters to you that's all that matters. It may not matter to the world but it makes a difference somewhere and, for that, it's significant.''
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  • ''Fictional poetry is still a thing. Conceptualizing scenarios to convey a positive message. Something only the open minded could ascertain.''
  • ''Death ain't a bad thing but it's freedom. When referring to physical death that is. When you die people just see what you left here. They just see what you have done and how you looked. They don't understand that there's so much more going on the other side. Hopefully, it'll be on the God side of the other side.''
  • ''Just do what you do and if society can't adjust then forget it! You don't have to realize or change nothing to fit it's mold. This is forever.''
  • ''Some poetry don't be first hand experience. It ain't no rules in poetry that says it has to be. You could put yourself in someone else's shoes. Or you could just write about a concept and personify it. Everything ain't always face value. A concept only the open minded ascertain.'''
  • ''Poems and hardships encapsulated in a bubble called art to be presented as a testimony to who heading in that direction.''
  • ''I say motives speak deeper than actions because society is subjective. Society can't grasp objectivity. It may see an action and, from what it 'knows' about it's own experience and biases, may conclude the reason for that action. But the problem is that the motive of that action may not be what it concluded. But even still, it will embrace that belief because, like satan, society doesn't care much about truth but power.''
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  • ''In society, is unfortunately, on it's way to hell no matter what but you don't have to be a part of it. Accept Christ and you are free from it.''

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

Psalm Ninety Five Eight—nine

Give praise to our Holy Father
He gave His only son to die for our sins
Stay brave hold no focus on tomorrow
Accept the Lord for our lives to begin


Don't allow the heart to be hardened
If you started turning
It's gone... living soul discarded
Oh departed!
Darkening views and...
For this is just a part of it too
You could see it clearly
With this generation... opening doors
Interloping roles and closed out
The Lord
We don't see it though
All we ever heed and quote is swearing and ...

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Dedicated To Her

Close your eyes and try to picture
A women with dreams
So full of pride but so passionate
Or so had it seemed
Beneath the bling that she kept
Was a scream for help
And memories that would bring on the grief she felt
But if she ever told a soul
She would break the 'rules'

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