Dexsta Ray

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Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''I don't care about physical respect or attention. I'm just doing what I love and maybe inspire someone else to do the same.''
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  • ''Don't try to figure me out but just hear me out.''
  • ''It seem like everytime I open up my heart is when everything folds.''
  • ''Some bridges you can't cross because you might fall through them. Some bridges be on fire before you walk across to them.''
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  • ''Don't accept detrimental values as your own. That is, indeed, one of the strongest weapons satan has in his arsenal. Pray for discernment.''
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  • ''Psychological warfare, class warfare, spiritual warfare, biological warfare. Among the things, though subliminal, all are heavily involved.''
    spiritual warfare
  • ''Always composed and at peace. Open-minded. Keep each other uplifted and motivated.''
  • ''Spiritual can't always be explained physically.''
    spiritual, truth
  • ''It take some time to understand some things in this life.''
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  • ''When satan tell you what you can't do or what you ain't don't believe him. God already told you what you ARE. The dark kingdom is a liar.''

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

Psalm Ninety Five Eight—nine

Give praise to our Holy Father
He gave His only son to die for our sins
Stay brave hold no focus on tomorrow
Accept the Lord for our lives to begin


Don't allow the heart to be hardened
If you started turning
It's gone... living soul discarded
Oh departed!
Darkening views and...
For this is just a part of it too
You could see it clearly
With this generation... opening doors
Interloping roles and closed out
The Lord
We don't see it though
All we ever heed and quote is swearing and ...

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Another Person

Another person died
Murder murder
A mother had cried
They sent her baby to the burner
There's no way to hide
This genocide is eternal
I would've been lying if I had said it never hurts
Open your eyes
Another person in a box

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