Dexsta Ray

Gold Star - 14,117 Points [Oluwasgun Chidike] (March 8,1994 -)

Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''I ain't so concerned with folks not fooling with other establishments, I'm just hoping the masses see what's really false and real values.''
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  • ''You can tell what will attack you from the jump through discernment. The truth you speak and your beliefs may clash with what's being embraced.''
    discernment, truth, spiritual
  • ''Don't let satan take your mind. Glue your eyes on the Light.''
    spiritual warfare
  • ''Don't forget to pay tithes and offerings! What we give God He shall return abundantly!''
    tithes, giving
  • ''Society is subjective. Poetry can allow you to go places without being. Dreaming is just that. You can write aspirations as well.''
    society, truth, perspective
  • ''God functions in a realm outside of time so the concept of 'the bible is false because of different writers' is inaccurate. Same spirit.''
    clarity, bible, spiritual
  • ''Chapters of Revelations shall be reality upon us soon. The other prophecies have been or are being fulfilled as we speak. Time is now.''
    clarity, bible, spiritual, prophecies
  • ''Must take care of God's creatures. That don't know good or evil. Humans ate of the tree of knowledge so we must know and do.''
    animals, compassion
  • ''Society (satan) try to teach fear of life and death but that ain't aligned to what God said.''
    clarity, truth
  • ''I will never learn the lesson society try to teach because the Words of God are already in my heart. Society seeks to teach conformity.''
    clarity, truth, society, conformity

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

Psalm Ninety Five Eight—nine

Give praise to our Holy Father
He gave His only son to die for our sins
Stay brave hold no focus on tomorrow
Accept the Lord for our lives to begin


Don't allow the heart to be hardened
If you started turning
It's gone... living soul discarded
Oh departed!
Darkening views and...
For this is just a part of it too
You could see it clearly
With this generation... opening doors
Interloping roles and closed out
The Lord
We don't see it though
All we ever heed and quote is swearing and ...

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Sound Doctrine

Sound doctrine...
Toxic topics enshroud profits
Ground knowledge
Options and objects, notches
Compound projects
Bound to something other than what's uncovered
I muzzle mine, a bunch of times
In silence, I stumble
And find another puzzle, humble

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