Dexsta Ray

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Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''Everything that was written in scripture is happening or has happened.''
    bible, truth
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  • ''Rather have a glass house with a firm foundation than a strong brick building with the birth grounds shaking.''
    perspective, truth
  • ''We mustn't chide those who don't understand like us. Some may view things as they aren't. Some may not know that hypocrisy doesn't mean different.''
    perspective, truth
  • ''Things done for rewards and things expected in return ain't pure. It's good to never desire anything from the next in this way.''
  • ''Your real super hero is within because the real hero died on the Cross and rose again.''
    spiritual, Light
  • ''You can't know a person by anything other than being around them personally. This social media can't capture humans.''
    social media
  • ''Society is backwards and so are all of it's concepts. Live outside of all that foolishness. God's concepts get us into heaven.''
    society, concepts
  • ''When you really think about it... if we really took societal concepts serious, in it's corrupt nature, no none would be 'true'.''
    society, concepts
  • ''Because every human has messed up. It ain't so much of definite and rational reasons as it is a soul's underlying feelings of 'self' imposed.''
    society, concepts
  • ''I don't think we war against society in that 'war' sense. It's only taking notes and notice of what we see in hopes the next can use them.''
    motive, perspective

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

I Do My Own Thing

Just the other day... a little birdie came
Told me that I had taken a LOSS
I don't have a problem
That's the name of it all
Only if you are competing though
The statement was
Because... I do my own thing
I don't compete
There's nobody in the world I am trying to defeat
The only reason why I strive is so I can be free
Being able to provide for my
Wife and my seeds...
I try to be a better me everyday
I want to make a difference
So there's nothing more important than to stay committed
Satan tries to throw distractions but ...

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Modest Proposal

I have a couple questions and concerns
When will they learn?
Ignorance is like a germ
Blind to the facts
A race defined by the gat
Mostly democrats
Confined to beaten battered shacks
Combined with crack
They're stamped and labeled as a problem

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