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  • ''It's been said, society is but a mental concept and individuals are the reality. What if reality is also a mental concept? And we are truly of Spirit.''
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  • ''Don't make deals with demons because they are not faithful. They'll do something 'for' you on the condition that they interact with you for the rest of your life. Over time, they'll keep demanding more and more 'deeds' from you until it's to a point where you can't physically give anymore. It is then it will turn against you. It's a trap. Demons can't be trusted.''
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  • ''Christ defeated the enemy through the Cross. That's an eternal victory. Anything that has to do with Christ is forever winning. The only 'losing' that any follower of the Light has even been involved with is during the time before God saved us. Because then, we all 'belong' to satan and live in a state of blind and spiritual darkness. The Light allowed us to see what we were when God called us out (2 Cor.6: 17) . Before that we were 'losing'. Without God (Light) we will forever be lost. Satan loss against Christ and so he is the ultimate loser. See, compared to the spiritual, society, which is the physical, is extremely shallow. But it's actions are directly proportional to the coexisting spiritual activity. Society is like a shadow of the spirit world. Evil spirits (satan's foot soldiers) dictate the actions and manifest their power through any vessel they can occupy. The further a soul (human) is from the Light the eaiser it is for satan to manipulate them and their actions to walk within his twisted will. He blinds his victims to spiritual truth and they can't percieve or understand these truths (2 Cor.4: 4) . The blinded won't believe spiritual things nor take them seriously (1 Cor.2: 14) . For it was written. So the devil's instruments are not the focus. It's the one behind it all. It's satan. The radical approach is the only approach. Hit the source. Satan is defeated. He can't 'attack' God's people without asking God for permission so everything works for the good of those who love God and are called for His purpose (Romans 8: 28) . I literally have no interest in what the flesh has said. I have absolutely no worries and no stress about carnal schemes, tactics, plots, words, or anything else against me or any of God's people. Nothing appeals nor interest me enough to stress about it. Pray for the solution of everyone and laugh at the devil's failed attempts to distract you. It's all about the Father. And His glory. Let is recognize Christ as the TRUE leader. That's true freedom. Don't let society fool and confuse you.''
    spiritual truth
  • ''You can't tell me to be myself because you don't even know who that is. Society think it do but it don't.''
    identity, truth
  • ''Creative thinking can open some doors that society don't have access to. If you think about it... abstract concepts can be rooted spiritually.''
  • ''In my opinion, any age is too young to start smoking.''
  • ''Because.. if you paly your hand wrong... you're definitely going home.''
  • ''In life, no one can be something great without doing something equally stupid before they get to that point. Now, with that being said, each soul will choose one of two routes: Either, at the point in time where it's made known, one will face the world and embrace the blunder in pride or in humility. In pride is like... 'Yea, I did it. I did it because I'm just that evil.' 'And I was with your girl too.'... in that way, one will ease right pass and blend in because society thrives on such a presentation. So nobody can see the blunder/s because it's been covered up by the 'cool' presentation. On the other side, one may embrace it with humility. In this way, it's pretty much what you'd expect. No embellishments. No extra. Just owning up to the mistakes and letting it be. That is when the blunder will stand out because there's nothing hiding it. In the Light, an individual can't cover or disguise because of God. So it's right there. He condones no darkness and His children must be Light. The world loves it's own. It can get away with things we can't get away with. But fret not because there's a blessing and a lesson behind every test. Just as long as you don't make the same mistakes and moving backwards, you're good to go.''
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  • ''Everyday thoughts and imaginations are also theoretical in themselves. Recombine things to create new material.''
  • ''The propaganda subliminally point us towards the traditional ways and this will make us limit our own potential.''

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

I Do My Own Thing

Just the other day... a little birdie came
Told me that I had taken a LOSS
I don't have a problem
That's the name of it all
Only if you are competing though
The statement was
Because... I do my own thing
I don't compete
There's nobody in the world I am trying to defeat
The only reason why I strive is so I can be free
Being able to provide for my
Wife and my seeds...
I try to be a better me everyday
I want to make a difference
So there's nothing more important than to stay committed
Satan tries to throw distractions but ...

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Product Of The Poison

A product of the poison
Couldn't see
A way to get out
There's no future bright for me
No compassionate thoughts
I'm not the change I'd like to see
Several ghost from the past
Aren't allowing me to sleep
I feel like I'm stuck

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