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  • ''It's like money and time but not enough money and time.''
  • ''The funny thing is... we know God is always there. But looking back in hindsight, there's been times where it didn't seem like it. We feel like God is far off. Everybody got a testimony or some testimonies. Don't allow satan to take those from you. That's one his main objectives. Don't judge anyone because you don't know what anyone been through. (The Darkness Got It's Claws At Me)''
  • ''The revolution is a beautiful thing. When you think of the revolution as an object you'll find it to be one of the purest things ever. One of the truest. It's moving forward at a steady pace which is also as fast as it has to be. Society has been poisoned and the revolution is the antidote. It's already been set in motion and into numerous branches. Poetry is just one branch. Those revolutions are the epitome of real. For every step it takes.. society recedes. (Liquid Revolution Through This Old Syringe Of Poetry)''
    Poem, truth
  • ''The truth that's most important is the spiritual truth and never my personal truth. That's the truth I refer to. I pray that all souls receive the Gospel truth. We all find it ourselves. (O, Lord)''
  • ''Here's a poem I wrote about my idea of the concept of perspective in itself. Nonetheless, it is only a perspective as well. (All About Perspective)''
  • ''Focus... the one thing that's required to complete any tasks or goals. Have to find that place within where your identity is and concentrate on whatever's at hand. Eradicate the distractions and relax. (Focus)''
  • ''The spiritual riches are those riches to hoard. For silver and gold shall certainly pass away but those things that we can't see are forever. We live in the physical world for just a moment but the spiritual is forever. It's better to have riches there. (Spirit Riches)''
    Poem, spiritual
  • ''Life ain't always like the rose colored lenses. Sometimes they fall off. Anytime you feeling low or stuck, remember, God is always able.''
    Poem, spiritual
  • ''There's not a thing in this world that you should fear. We don't walk alone. We can't complete any of our missions alone. God has bestowed upon us the power to defeat the devil and trample on any of his devices. (Let Me At The Wolves)''
    Poem, spiritual, fear

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

Psalm Ninety Five Eight—nine

Give praise to our Holy Father
He gave His only son to die for our sins
Stay brave hold no focus on tomorrow
Accept the Lord for our lives to begin


Don't allow the heart to be hardened
If you started turning
It's gone... living soul discarded
Oh departed!
Darkening views and...
For this is just a part of it too
You could see it clearly
With this generation... opening doors
Interloping roles and closed out
The Lord
We don't see it though
All we ever heed and quote is swearing and ...

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Another Person

Another person died
Murder murder
A mother had cried
They sent her baby to the burner
There's no way to hide
This genocide is eternal
I would've been lying if I had said it never hurts
Open your eyes
Another person in a box

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