Dexsta Ray

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Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''Beware of false prophets. Those who move strictly for monetary gain. That's impurity.''
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  • ''Everything is exactly how it's supposed to be. Timing and all. Our grind is one thing but God's time is another.''
  • ''To pledge our allegiance to Christ reveals exactly who we are. A soul attempting to live right in the sinful flesh and wicked world.''
  • ''I believe poetry to be similar to photography. To immortalize and capture a specific moment. Then it's over after that.''
  • ''Those corporations don't care. Tobacco smoke has 7000 chemicals and some are known to cause cancer. That's a statement in itself.''
  • ''I couldn't care less about how I'm perceived. I'd rather just be myself and maybe it's accepted or not.''
  • ''What if the thing within your heart is what you are overlooking?''
  • ''Cut off and block out anything trying to dim your light in any way. That's satan. Roll alone if you must.''
  • ''Don't believe everything promulgated.''
  • ''I don't think the methods matter as much as the actual change. You do what you can. If all you have is your craft... so be it.''

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

I Do My Own Thing

Just the other day... a little birdie came
Told me that I had taken a LOSS
I don't have a problem
That's the name of it all
Only if you are competing though
The statement was
Because... I do my own thing
I don't compete
There's nobody in the world I am trying to defeat
The only reason why I strive is so I can be free
Being able to provide for my
Wife and my seeds...
I try to be a better me everyday
I want to make a difference
So there's nothing more important than to stay committed
Satan tries to throw distractions but ...

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Modest Proposal

I have a couple questions and concerns
When will they learn?
Ignorance is like a germ
Blind to the facts
A race defined by the gat
Mostly democrats
Confined to beaten battered shacks
Combined with crack
They're stamped and labeled as a problem

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