Dexsta Ray

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Dexsta Ray Quotes

  • ''I shall fear no evil in this valley of death. Nothing will stop God's will. Satan talks but I don't care nor take him seriously.''
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  • ''There are times when some would see my storms and circumstances and assume the worse. When in reality, I am completely untroubled. That's because of God.''
  • ''It's not always a matter of knowing about satan's words and attacks and choosing not to acknowledge. Mostly, it's not knowing and not caring.''
    Spiritual truth
  • ''Where stories still unfolding as we tell them.''
  • ''Pride is what got Lucifer kicked out of heaven. It's a poison destroying our communities. That definitely should be a target of ours.''
  • ''I just look at this as my contribution. If we don't speak on the problems they remain muzzled. Then there's no hope for a difference an any life. I feel like it's right. My contribution may not be as 'great' as some but I'm comfortable with it. As long as I can I'm good.''
  • ''I consider almost every passion a form of art. Everything from architecture to jewelry design has potential. Not only the promoted arts.''
  • ''The devil has blinded the minds of society through illusions, delusions and misinterpretations (2 Corinthians 4: 4) .''
  • ''To be present in or pursuing the presence of Christ is to be 'absent' from the world. You keep the mind on the eternal like (Col.3: 2) says.''
    Spiritual truth
  • ''As for change? Even the smallest things count. If you can tell an entire crowd of youth the right thing,95% might not hear you out but that 5% may be able to use that knowledge to progress and expand in life. That's who the message for.''

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Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

The Blade's Abyss

Altruism ain't an option
Watch the prophecies develop properly
Acknowledge the allotment
Changes? Probably
The rudest truths
Break the clock and heat the smoothest soup
Talking isms made concoction
Maybe drop the rope
Say we have a lot to know
See ain't leaving nothing else
Not really
Change forgot the soap
Self-gratification left our steps adamant
Yep... every heart felt wept
And that of a nation
Ain't to grow and only start hell
And that's of every flower
No sparks, shells
Ail sells
And at ...

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But Later

Now we see in black and white
The people do divide
Not sure who staged the wicked ways
Not sure who drew the line
Now we live in liberty whose name has changed with time
Lack of facts
Disgraceful acts
A nation in its prime
Now is full of hateful thoughts

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