Diana Americano

Rookie (11-11-96 / San Jose, CA)

Diana Americano Poems

1. Cry For Help 4/30/2012
2. Sun 4/30/2012
3. Friend Named Wind 4/30/2012
4. Rain 4/30/2012
5. The Other You 7/4/2012
6. Alike 7/4/2012
7. Returned 7/4/2012
8. Boogeyman 7/12/2012
9. Cycle Of Pain 7/14/2012
10. The Angel 7/14/2012
11. Breathe 7/14/2012
12. I Am Me 7/14/2012
13. Last Cry 7/14/2012
14. Listen 7/15/2012
15. The Fool Was Me 9/1/2012
16. The Wait 10/30/2012
17. Mother's Love 10/30/2012
18. Night 10/30/2012
19. Voice 3/27/2012
20. Voice Who Cries 3/27/2012
21. The Monsters Of My Mind 3/27/2012
22. The Price I Pay 3/27/2012
23. Playing With Time 3/27/2012
24. No More 3/27/2012
25. Cage 3/27/2012
26. Puppet 3/27/2012
27. Dance Of Blood 3/27/2012
28. My Duty 4/30/2012
29. Her Story 3/27/2012
30. Who I Am 3/27/2012
31. A Memory Never Forgotten 5/14/2014
32. Just One More 3/27/2012
33. No Cure But There Are Stars 4/2/2012
34. Autumn Night 4/30/2012
35. A Family's Secret 4/30/2012
Best Poem of Diana Americano

A Family's Secret

i feel the pain
i see the pain
i want to be strong
i want to be brave
its them i want to save
but i dont know how
i try to make them smile
but im not worth their while
Mommy i see you cry
though you do not try
you do not know what to do
i want to help
sisters are sick
daddy is weak
he's doing his job
but you just sob
we all need help
you've kept your faith
you keep me safe
but no more shall i watch
as you cry
i want to try
its my turn mommy
i am sorry
but i will no longer cry in front of you
i will stay strong
just ...

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The Monsters Of My Mind

my mind is an unstable place
It's as if i have monsters ready for a chase
They speak to me hungry for my pain
They wait for me to cry for i have nothing to gain nothing to lose
These chains bind me to the games of the monsters
I am a tiger in a cage waiting to be saved
The monsters tell me that i will never be changed
I am bound to this cage, and i shall never make a sound
The monsters of my mind try to escape as I cope

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