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It has been years since I started writing poems. I honestly think that I am losing my touch, or running out of inspiration. My poems are the result of my love for literature. I love submerging myself with stories that I read and the emotions from those stories give birth to most of my poems.

I starting over; in my studies, career, in relationships, in my life. I hope that this new wave of passions can help me reunite with my first love, writing. I am thinking of looking at the different side of things this time around. I will try to participate in life than watch it happen in the background. Maybe someday I will be able to write about myself and bring smile to our readers. Someday I will be a writer who live; not for the sake of living but with a purpose to fulfill.

Please take time to read my works and be beside me as I seek ways to improve myself. God Bless us all fellow writers. May He guide our pen to give glory to His name.

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I Know You In My Dreams

I know you, I dreamt of you.
You walk in the stillness of the night,
Casting shadows along your path.
You stare with your fierce black eyes
Piercing my soul like one sharp knife.

I know you, aware of what you do.
You cannot keep secret from me, nor I from you.
I know you like I know myself.

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