Diane Hine

Silver Star - 4,143 Points (25 July 1956)

Diane Hine Poems

281. Tanka: Fashion Victim 5/11/2014
282. Bully 6/6/2013
283. A Fecund Ghazal 6/13/2013
284. Aves 5/18/2013
285. Give And Take 5/10/2012
286. Anglers In Love 9/2/2012
287. Assassin 8/2/2012
288. 31 Years. 2/27/2012
289. Haiku: Dessert 8/5/2014
290. A Farce. 3/9/2012
291. Electric Eel (Sonnet) 11/4/2014
292. A Sci-Fi Sonnet 5/24/2013
293. Earth And Moon 5/23/2012
294. Will 5/21/2012
295. Anthropomorphic. 7/14/2012
296. Cars 10/14/2013
297. Human 7/4/2012
298. Sonnet 1: Hypothetical 2/8/2012
299. Free Choice (Cleave/Trigee) 5/3/2012
300. Pedigree 5/14/2013
301. Grey 11/10/2012
302. Parrot In Paradise 7/31/2012
303. Buying A Car 8/28/2012
304. Evariste Galois 5/16/2012
305. Coffee 5/4/2013
306. A View 8/31/2012
307. Mathematical Star Signs 3/1/2012
Best Poem of Diane Hine

Mathematical Star Signs

A Mass of Aries rams describes a Curl
Potentially connected to a Field
Some Fractal of Mechanics may unfurl
A Calculus of fuzzy-logic yield.

Quadratic Taurus bulls do not Equate
So don't get Knotted arguing the toss
Although with cows they'll gladly permutate
Inverting them with Product makes them Cross.

Most Geminis are tied in Causal Loop
Because their brains are Hypobolic Plot
So if you Add their salad to their soup
It anti-matters them and matters not.

Cancerians love Cartographic law
Their kind presents a Strange Attractor risk
But ...

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Burning Blue

Photons lacerate the air in waves of ev'ry hue,
plunging through successfully except for burning blue.
Motes of dust and water drops play cricket with blue balls,
weaving veils of endless blue in vast concentric shawls.
When the rays are vertical they drill through skin and bone,
drain all sheen from vibrant green, steal water from dry stone.
Then all life is forced to heed light's power to subdue.
The mantle of the victor is a fire of flaming blue.

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