Diane Hine

Silver Star - 4,143 Points (25 July 1956)

Diane Hine Poems

81. Efficient 5/8/2012
82. Hemispheres 4/10/2012
83. At Sixes And Sevens 6/9/2012
84. Waning Cynical 5/31/2012
85. An Overwrought Cavort 2/27/2012
86. Patisserie 3/3/2012
87. Sister Planet 3/10/2012
88. Haiku: Something 3/11/2012
89. Will And Elle (A Villanelle) 3/17/2012
90. Patch 3/21/2012
91. Present 10/27/2013
92. 'A Villanelle' By Thaumoctopus Mimicus 2/6/2014
93. Diversion 9/28/2013
94. Starry 10/7/2013
95. The Triolet Competion At Outback Poetry Club^ 8/30/2013
96. Sestina: Captain Bryce In The Amazon* 1/20/2013
97. George 2/6/2013
98. Today 11/20/2014
99. Crash Course 11/24/2014
100. Purled And Plain 7/25/2014
101. Boy Watching With Sally 10/29/2014
102. Base Jumper (A Rondel) 8/9/2014
103. A Clipped Rondeau 2/13/2014
104. Sensitivity And Consolation 2/15/2014
105. Sources Of Light 6/15/2014
106. On Saturn's Moon 4/16/2012
107. Ribs 3/5/2015
108. Dystopiary 7/5/2014
109. Some Clerihews 4/1/2012
110. Sijo Eon Phanerozoic 2/24/2012
111. Sonnet: Poetry 2/27/2012
112. 'Aliens'....Mostly... 3/19/2012
113. Triolet: Sacrifice 4/12/2012
114. Sonnet: Transcendental 4/20/2012
115. Lesson 6/1/2012
116. The Peacock Spider 5/11/2012
117. Aware 9/13/2012
118. Angiosperms 9/8/2012
119. Finale 10/16/2012
120. Phthiraptera Rap 11/15/2012

Comments about Diane Hine

  • Patti Masterman (3/23/2012 9:42:00 AM)

    I can't believe no comments about our Diane. She is oozing with talent, and every day brings some new masterpiece. She is one of the best poets I have ever found at Poemhunter- but beyond that, one of the best I've ever read anywhere, on paper or on glowing screens. She should be required reading in every school so that poetry would be something for young people to enjoy, rather than shudder at (cutting their teeth on Shakespeare, as they are historically made to do! Better to start them off on something soft, and gradually approach the great master, only when ready!) . But it is no easy thing to write thoughful and intelligently available poetry- but you can find it here, under Diane's name, any day of the week, and that's really something. Something amazing. Buy this book now- er- I mean, read some poems, for free, that you will not regret spending the time spent reading them. I also like the dashes of science scattered in, because like Diane, I think science and poetry mix beautifully! Now- on to the poems, hie make haste, the bridegroom he is come already: Make haste, I say..

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Best Poem of Diane Hine

Mathematical Star Signs

A Mass of Aries rams describes a Curl
Potentially connected to a Field
Some Fractal of Mechanics may unfurl
A Calculus of fuzzy-logic yield.

Quadratic Taurus bulls do not Equate
So don't get Knotted arguing the toss
Although with cows they'll gladly permutate
Inverting them with Product makes them Cross.

Most Geminis are tied in Causal Loop
Because their brains are Hypobolic Plot
So if you Add their salad to their soup
It anti-matters them and matters not.

Cancerians love Cartographic law
Their kind presents a Strange Attractor risk
But ...

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Sonnet 1: Hypothetical

If freshly cloned, with memories intact
Unable hence to occupy one ground
Our senses would not duplicate exact
the information beaming from around.
A plentitude of photons would collide
(Read physics to explain precisely how)
And steadily our shared thoughts would divide
To render subtle change in either brow.
But over time our paths may fly apart

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