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I was born in Bakersfield California in 1954 to Mr.& Mrs Dave Martin. I am the 6th of 8 children. Although my youngest brother passes at the age of 8wks. We were a simple family. Mom and dad always worked. I use to spend my time writing in a secret book I kept under my things in my closet. I don't think anyone knew it was there. I graduated high school in 1972 from Van Nuys High School in Van Nuys CA. I met my husband on Van Nuys Blvd. We were married in 1975, and have 3 wonderful adult children who have blessed us with 3 beautiful grand children. I have been writing seriously for 30 yrs. Writing was always a form of home therapy for me. I hope someday to write a poetry book and title it ' A Life Full of Experiences.' Everything I write usually has to do with myself, or someone close to me. Everything I write comes from my heart and soul. That is where reality lives.

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After Shock

Today I lost a friend, and I
believe that life's unfair
It makes it hard to open up
and allow yourself to care.

Why do we lose the ones that are good
And allow the bad to go on?
Who decides who lives or dies
And who will wake to the morning sun.

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