Dianne Michele Dumas

Rookie (01/09/19965 / United States of America)

Biography of Dianne Michele Dumas

My poetry is inspired by my daily learning as an architect student. I think as a student of architecture I have learned that architecture has purpose. I used to have a somewhat self-centered attitude that design was simply for getting my own creative energies out. It was a way to express my-self as an artist and create that emotional response. I never saw it as helpful to the community.I’ve grown to learn that by creating place I can benefit my fellow man. Through architecture I can shape a world to have a lower carbon footprint. I have found that this can be obtained by finding the cultural rituals. Through ritual I can design a space for a purpose and reason and the outcome is an exceptional experience.
Poetry is a way for me to research my designs as well as giving the viewer of the architecture an understanding while at the same time letting them develop there own perception. Like architecture, it creates an emotional response and has purpose and reason. As architecture can be used as a helpful tool to the community, poetry is a helpful tool to the mind and soul. I find poetry to be a rewarding and comforting outlet.


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Birth Of Expression

How is it possible this blind test of scribble
resulted in more than just scrabble.
As we continued on, I learned and images appeared.
Where once there were none, now here.
Not Van Gough or Monet' at all
but my own expression of life, I can now recall.

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