Dicie Fujioka

Rookie (2-14-95 / Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Biography of Dicie Fujioka

I am an amateur poet. I know many things about writing yet I have much much more to learn.
My name is Dicie Yasmina Fujioka. I am sixteen years old.
I cherish every day I get to see my family and friends's smiling faces. I'm not lucky to be alive, I'm very blessed. :) Well what to say....I'm a vegan. and I'm a pretty 'crooked.' (if you know what I mean. xD) wait, you don't? okay I'll put it bluntly, I'm bisexual.: ] and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm proud of who I am.
So, I can read palms. kinda? I studied palmistry a while back..because I though it was the coolest thing in the world. -points at self- world's strangest dork right here.!
I started to write poetry when I was 14. I look back at those pages in my notebooks and think 'holy shit, where did all that teenage angst come from? ? ' but then I laugh. the pain, the embarassment, the harassment, everything bad that's happened: is all in the past.
all I can really do is laugh.: ] My poems are hm..deeper now? They are from the heart. the soul. and the mind. I don't have one bad poem. Well, I probably have thousands of crappy ones. But I love them all. No matter how stupid because they all came out of what I was feeling, what I wanted to say/write. They're all a part of me. I really, really do love writing. I won't stop until my hand receives and eternal writer's cramp.: ]
Want to know more? message me! I can be sort of nice. ^^


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I Am

I Am
Strength, Willfulness, Confusion
Overcoming life’s mistakes and faults
Elegance, Confidence, Courage
Treasuring the little things in life
Being loyal to the wrong people, but
Finding the most loyal people are right in front of me
Fighting for greed and not love,
Taking people’s love and generosity for granted,

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