Dick Davis

(1945 / Portsmouth)

Biography of Dick Davis

Dick Davis poet

Dick Davis is a British poet, and translator. He is professor emeritus of Persian at Ohio State University. He has written scholarly works on both English and Persian literature, as well as eight volumes of his own poetry, and been the recipient of numerous academic and literary awards, including both the Ingram Merrill and Heinemann awards for poetry. His publications include volumes of poetry and verse translation chosen as books of the year by The Sunday Times (UK) in 1989; The Daily Telegraph (UK) in 1989; The Economist (UK) in 2002; The Washington Post in 2010, and The Times Literary Supplement (UK) in 2013. He has published numerous book-length verse translations from medieval Persian, most recently, Faces of Love: Hafez and the Poets of Shiraz (2012). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and has been called, by The Times Literary Supplement, “our finest translator from Persian”.

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Touring A Past

The ruins, which are not very remarkable, are situated on an island which
is almost impossible to reach ...

Hachette Guide to the Middle East, p.1003.

Even from here I see
How stagnant and unused
The brackish waters lie,
As if the bank had oozed
This stream that sluggishly

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