Diego Adrian Manriquez

Rookie (6/30/1993 / California)

Diego Adrian Manriquez Poems

41. 3 :) 9/22/2011
42. You Don'T Look So 'Alone' 9/22/2011
43. You Know Who You Are 9/22/2011
44. Teenage Lust Is The Best Kind Of Love 9/22/2011
45. Morgan 9/24/2011
46. Susie Grace Coss 10/3/2011
47. All A Part Of Growing Up? 10/6/2011
48. It Might Not Be Much But This Is My Home 10/6/2011
49. You'D Be The First To Know 10/6/2011
50. If It's Not Repetitive It's Not Catchy 10/10/2011
51. Drunk Texting 10/15/2011
52. De's Shead 11/7/2011
53. Can'T Read Your Mind But This Is Close Enough 11/7/2011
54. There Is Still Much More To Say 11/7/2011
55. No Limits 11/7/2011
56. It Was Never Me It Was Always Him 11/7/2011
57. What We'Ve Feared The Most 11/27/2011
58. Love And The Amazing Side Effects 11/27/2011
59. 8 Years,8 Years And Counting 12/7/2011
60. Thoughts (Sorry For The Wait) 1/23/2012
61. But What Are We To Do? 1/30/2012
62. Something About The Winter Tells Me That Summer Isn'T Going To Be Any Warmer 2/1/2012
63. It's Not So Much That I Need But The Feeling Of You Needing Me 2/1/2012
64. 21 (If I Knew I Would Have Told You More) 2/28/2012
65. Slow And Quiet Pianos (A Short Story) 2/29/2012
66. Midnight Crisis 8/30/2013
67. Ojos Azul 8/30/2013
68. (8/28/2013) 8/30/2013
69. Something Short 1/26/2012
70. No Hope No Home No Faith No Peace 7/14/2011
71. Broken But Not Quite Yet Defeated 7/7/2011
72. It's Not Your Fault 7/7/2011
73. A Bottle Of The Cheapest Vodka And A Pack Of Cigarettes 9/8/2011
74. The Bell Man 8/17/2011
75. The Truth 11/7/2011
76. Scrapbook 11/7/2011
77. We Tend To Resist Each Other 9/19/2012

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Best Poem of Diego Adrian Manriquez

We Tend To Resist Each Other

Hearts pounding and eyes gleaming, Tears of fear and desperation fall from the pit of your eyes, Times we wonder what were to happen if we could escape, You know, Get away from it all! We often wonder why, Why us? ! Separated by only a few street signs and street lights, Come home, And I will return as well, Make it here and I swear, I will make this pain and suffering worth it.

Tapping on my window and I can only imagine, Imagine the sound of your voice as I walk up to it, Picture you there in silence as the only thing you share with me is a a question, (May I come in?) My heart ...

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Close you eyes it's time to pretend
Life feels a lot less sad when you're chillin' with your imaginary friends
Always listening to what you have to say
Never neglecting you, no not a single day
Of pain and misery has covered this place
There was a time where not a needle pierced these vein
This is what helps me escape and kill the pain
Drowning in a sea of worries
I was left to overcome

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