Dieury Dumas

Dieury Dumas Poems

1. Soul Train 2/6/2012
2. For My Valentine 2/13/2012
3. My Soul 2/23/2012
4. I Changed His Face: 2/23/2012
5. B.E.T: 2/23/2012
6. Hood 2/23/2012
7. I Love You America 2/23/2012
8. All Did It 3/5/2012
9. A Chaque Femme 3/8/2012
10. Boul Diaman: 3/8/2012
11. Les Chaînes Si &Quot;Belles&Quot;: 3/8/2012
12. Teddy: 3/19/2012
13. Race: 3/19/2012
14. I Got Stuck: 3/19/2012
15. We Enjoy It: 3/19/2012
16. Love Ways: 3/19/2012
17. I Am Depressed: 3/19/2012
18. She: 3/19/2012
19. Why Kill? 3/19/2012
20. I Have Pains In My Veins: 3/19/2012
21. Alcoholic Chick: 3/19/2012
22. Black Man: 3/19/2012
23. Good In My Hood: 3/19/2012
24. I Am Hip-Hop And R&B: 3/19/2012
25. M.I.A.M.I: 3/5/2012
26. Hot Chick Advantage: 3/19/2012
27. I Love Hip-Hop: 3/19/2012
Best Poem of Dieury Dumas

I Love Hip-Hop:

I am Hip
I am Hop
I have my hip
I have my hop
I have, I am Hip-Hop.

I don't only love
The originality,
I also love the creativity
I love all the opportunity
Definitely all the beauty
And the way we shake our booty.

I am obsess with Hip-Hop
Waiting for the next release
Wondering the next beef
Praying for the birth
Of the next B.I.G / TUPAC.

Hip-Hop is solid
Hip-Hop is not cupid
Hip-Hop is story
Hip-Hop is nasty
Hip-Hop is a battle
Hip-Hop has no rival
Hip-Hop is immortal
From the heart and spirit
With love ...

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I Changed His Face:

I did it like M.L.K,
I changed the nation's face!
Riding in a public place
Saw me, he had a harsh tense
I took out a $ 50 bills
And the white man smiled
He was enchanted
He was delighted
Gave me a little "yes, Sir! "

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