Dilantha Gunawardana

Dilantha Gunawardana Poems

601. Man 11/22/2014
602. A Tea Plucker In Sri Lanka 8/22/2014
603. In Praise Of An Older Woman (River Of Oedipus) 8/31/2014
604. Truth (2) 3/28/2015
605. Sight (2) 3/28/2015
606. Eternal Grace (Your Hips My Love) 3/30/2015
607. Crazy Crazy Love 3/30/2015
608. Durian Fruit 4/5/2015
609. A Peddler Of Age 4/5/2015
610. Five Imperfect Haiku Poems (5th April 2015) 4/5/2015
611. A Prisoner's Voice 4/6/2015
612. A Prisoner's Voice 2 4/8/2015
613. Conversation With Narcissus 4/8/2015
614. A Prisoner's Voice 3 4/8/2015
615. Colombo (Pettah And Fort) 4/12/2015
616. Prayer For The Living 4/13/2015
617. Words Of Wisdom For The Rare Homo Sapiens 4/14/2015
618. The Power Of One 4/14/2015
619. Serving Arrack Inside Colombo Coffee-Houses (A Poet's Tale) 4/18/2015
620. Sari/Saree 4/18/2015
621. Submission 4/18/2015
622. Death Of The Chinese Salesman 4/19/2015
623. The Broom 5/1/2015
624. 12 Haiku Poems In Botany 7/31/2015
625. 18 Haiku Poems On Zoology 7/31/2015
626. 16 Haiku Poems On Medicine 7/31/2015
627. Haiku Poems On Light (Entries To The Edinburgh Science Festival) 7/31/2015
628. A Lesson In The Chemistry Of World Peace 7/31/2015
629. Dna 7/31/2015
630. Taj Mahal (2) 8/5/2015
631. The Beggar Boy 8/18/2015
632. The First Kiss Under Misletoe 8/18/2015
633. The First Time (2) 8/18/2015
634. Dust In The Wind 8/18/2015
635. A Home For Our Dreams 8/19/2015
636. Widower 8/20/2015
637. Strange Foreign Beauty 8/21/2015
638. The Light That Lies Beyond 8/21/2015
639. A Motel Room 8/21/2015
640. A Note On Virgnity 8/23/2015

Comments about Dilantha Gunawardana

  • Amrita Pattanaik Amrita Pattanaik (2/24/2014 12:43:00 PM)

    What he writes is awe inspiring... It's rare to see thoughts put into words this way rather his way. After Percy Shelley, I look up to him for inspiration.
    Dear Poet,
    Keep writing since there are people who write because you write.

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    0 person did not like.
  • Yussuf Muktar (5/26/2013 8:49:00 AM)

    I admire your poetic writings and critical thinking. I invite you to share and evaluate my poems. Thanks

Best Poem of Dilantha Gunawardana

Woman 3

Show me a woman
That can turn a man with her hips
In the artistry of burlesque and belly
Show me a woman
That can be filled with pancakes
And fill a size 16 dress
Show me a woman
Who can kiss you like spring
And color you like autumn
Show me a woman
That can hold you like a harbor
And scaffold your spirits with her hold
Show me a woman
That can collapse your knees
Even in the absence of a ring
Show me a woman
Who can wrench real tears
And soak a cotton handkerchief
Show me a woman
That can fill you and empty you
Like water to finite...

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Kismet's Key

I am all dolled up for a date in cyberspace
As the heart yearns for an adventurous escape
In to the arms of a prince in waiting
For a call from heaven one of mating

Sores on my knees from an eternity on pews
Dust on my lips from an infinity in queues
As the heart tugs every man passing by
The psyche shatters in solitude's sigh

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