Dilip Chitre

(17 September 1938 – 10 December 2009 / Gujarat / India)

Dilip Chitre Poems

1. Kiev, Ukraine : April 1980 3/29/2012
2. Haiku In The Memory Of Dadar Beach Circa 1957 3/29/2012
3. Your First Lover 3/29/2012
4. Horniman Circle Garden Circa 1964 3/29/2012
5. In Your Poisoned Wounds 3/29/2012
6. They Tell Me Your Colour Is Blue 3/29/2012
7. Bhopal Embryos 3/29/2012
8. Leningrad, Sans Mandelstam, April 1980 3/29/2012
9. Prophets 3/29/2012
10. Frescoes 3/29/2012
11. The River Indrayani At Dehu 3/29/2012
12. The View From Chinchpokli 3/29/2012
13. Determined To Tell Lies 3/29/2012
14. The Rains 3/29/2012
15. Ode To Bombay 3/29/2012
16. Lost Images 3/29/2012
17. The House Of My Childhood 3/29/2012
18. At Midnight In The Bakery At The Corner 3/29/2012
19. Flesh Tint 3/29/2012
20. In The Light Of Birds 3/29/2012
21. Father Returning Home 3/29/2012
Best Poem of Dilip Chitre

Father Returning Home

My father travels on the late evening train
Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light
Suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes
His shirt and pants are soggy and his black raincoat
Stained with mud and his bag stuffed with books
Is falling apart. His eyes dimmed by age
fade homeward through the humid monsoon night.
Now I can see him getting off the train
Like a word dropped from a long sentence.
He hurries across the length of the grey platform,
Crosses the railway line, enters the lane,
His chappals are sticky with mud, but he hurries onward.
Home ...

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Your First Lover

An early wake-up call
your first lover
touches your shoulder
the rain has stopped
at last
a faint breeze
blows moisture
on your eyes

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