81. Jingle Bell 6/26/2009
82. Old Fear 6/22/2009
83. An Ingenuous Tribute 6/22/2009
84. Apple And Ball 6/26/2009
85. Roam….. Roam 6/26/2009
86. Tomy 6/26/2009
87. Cradle Song 6/26/2009
88. My Mummy 6/26/2009
89. The Past Glory Of My Village 6/22/2009
90. Lock And Key 6/26/2009
91. Happy Children 6/22/2009
92. Wind 6/22/2009
93. A True Noble Heart 8/19/2009

A True Noble Heart

There was nothing to disavow and disarray
About that boy whose name yet dipped all
In my secluded memory to re-call for a while.
Perhaps it was my dissonance to dissuade my mind
From such recall as it was a forgotten episode of an event.
He was so humble in nature, I might think
Otherwise my reminiscence would not have impelled
My mind to recollect his idealistic qualities.
I am not sure where I happened to meet him
Probably in the prayer hall of Church Saint Thomas.
He had an imperturbable look in his eyes, but
Though unnoticed, deep anguish slept in his ...

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Pilgrim’s March

The path was narrow
Steep and rocky
The journey was tiresome,
But we walked under the impulse
Of determination and with pleasing thoughts.
It was a task of daring faith
So unconcerned about pain or worry.
No body chattered,
No body murmured.

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