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Dimitri Jagodinski Poems

1. The Cycle Of A Poets Love 4/16/2013
2. Bomb America? Kill Americans? Why? 4/22/2013
3. 'The Last Charge' War Fiction 5/27/2013
4. Death The Shadow Behind Us 6/30/2013
5. The Devil's Temptation Of Three Men 7/30/2013
6. Love Is Everything 9/6/2013
7. Tornado Spawns Hell... Haiku 9/10/2013
8. Halloween 9/18/2013
9. The Sacrifice (Warning Graphic In Nature) Easter 9/18/2013
10. Til Death Do Us Part... A Vow Of Love 10/14/2013
11. What Happened To Us? We Found A New Drug. God Help Us. 10/27/2013
12. I Am The Devil And I Will Get You. Halloween Free Word Poem. 10/31/2013
13. Otis My Best Friend May You Rest In Peace 11/12/2013
14. My Heart Be Still It Is Time. Poem Of Dying 11/13/2013
15. My Living Nightmare Has Died. As A Father You Were So Wrong. 11/18/2013
16. Armageddon Part 1 A Summary 12/1/2013
17. I Will Write A Song For You Because I Love You 12/1/2013
18. True Meaning Of Christmas? Hope 12/23/2013
19. Forgive Me For I Have Sinned A Prayer Of Faith 12/26/2013
20. My Beautiful Valentine 2/14/2014
21. The Silent Majority 2/20/2014
22. Life Is Beautiful 3/21/2014
23. Defeated Civilization Undefeated Spirits The American Indian 4/15/2014
24. The Sacrifice A Poem Of Praise (Easter) 4/18/2014
25. Why Praise Idols Like Hendrix Cobain Elvis Morrison 4/18/2014
26. A New Year Of Hope For You 1/6/2014
27. The Ants And The Snake. Why Democracy Is Needed 4/21/2014
28. Bullies... How The Internet Will Help Stop Them 4/23/2014
29. I Love You Mom 5/11/2014
30. We Need To Care About Others 5/20/2014
31. Honor Our Soldiers They Sacrificed Their Lives For You 5/25/2014
32. God Said To The Marine 5/26/2014
33. Urgent! America Needs Your Help! 6/19/2014
34. The Faithful Die Glorious 6/19/2014
35. Without You... A Sad Love Poem 6/20/2014
36. The Bible 6/27/2014
37. The Mirror Of Your Life... Can You Face It? 7/31/2014
38. Love First Haiku 8/14/2014
39. Forget Forgive Focus Follow And Have Faith Leads To Freedom 9/2/2014
40. Demon Named Addiction 9/15/2014

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  • Gabriela Duricova Gabriela Duricova (8/25/2013 6:20:00 AM)

    I like your reasons for writing :) mine are very similar if not the same. I wish you the best of luck with your aim, let's change the world for the better

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Best Poem of Dimitri Jagodinski

Faith Hope Love Joy Pride

Faith is hard to conceive
When you cannot see beyond your troubles
Hope is hard to have
When your life is spiraling out of control
Love is a feeling that becomes pain
When your loved ones leave
Joy is a memory fading away
When you lose sight of your dreams
Pride disappears
When you drown in despair
Faith becomes real
When you begin to believe
Hope is alive
When you surrender your will
Love Heals your heart
When you begin to love yourself
Joy fills your soul
When you share your Love
Pride is restored

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Sunrise... A Love Poem

The sun's rays spread as they seep through the silky curtains
Breathing life into the once blackened room
The warmth from it's tentacles arouse my senses
I awaken with a great sense of exhiliration
A new day has greeted me with a beautiful scene
A mist of soft angelic light radiantly reflects off your beautiful body
In a state of euphoria
I feel as though I am in Heaven
With an angel by my side

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