Dimitrios Kanellopoulos

Biography of Dimitrios Kanellopoulos

Dimitrios was born in Larissa Greece many years ago!
As a child he loved music and lyrics. He used to change the words and just borrowed the music. He was very proud of his grandfather who wrote poetry. When he went to university abroad the need became strong to write his own.
The feelings no matter if they are sad or happy sometimes they need to be put on paper or in our days on the digital world.
Our thoughts, as long as they are original, give a look to our honest sentiments and are ripe enough to be worth publishing.
To become a poet is a personal fulfillment that when shared can give positive vibes to the world.

Dimitrios Kanellopoulos's Works:

" Wind Energy, wind farm design" . ION Publishers May 2008.223 pages, ISBN: 978-960-411-644-7. The book is in Greek and I am very proud about it.
Kanelis explores Athens
http: //www.saitabooks.eu/2013/12/ebook.72.html
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