Dimond Cross

Freshman - 651 Points [something] (October 2 2000 (not yet dead) / Neenah, wisconsin, usa)

Dimond Cross Quotes

  • ''we are not created by how our parents raised us we are created by what we know and who we are, we cant be defined by the actions of others and no one should''
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  • ''Whats worse killing yourself on the inside or killing yourself on the outside? if smoking, drinking, bullying, labels and soon pot is legal why is cutting so bad? Most people who do cut can keep it from going to far so why is it so bad? they heal eventually at least for me''
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Wanted It

I've wanted it...that kiss...it was better than I ever imagined. I've wanted it...that hug...it was stronger than id expected. I've wanted it...him...hes more than I ever wanted...so why did it end..?

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