Dinah Maria Mulock Craik Poems

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A Flower Of A Day

OLD friend, that with a pale and pensile grace
Climbest the lush hedgerows, art thou back again,
Marking the slow round of the wond'rous years?

A Silly Song

His mate the blackbird calling,
While through the sheen of the garden green

Our Father’s Business:

O CHRIST-CHILD, Everlasting, Holy One,
Sufferer of all the sorrow of this world,

In Memoriam

HEAVEN rest thee!
We shall go about today
In our festal garlands gay;

A Dead Sea-Gull

LACK-LUSTRE eye, and idle wing,
And smirchèd breast that skims no more,
White as the foam itself, the wave--
Hast thou not even a grave

A Winter Walk

WE never had believed, I wis,
At primrose time when west winds stole
Like thoughts of youth across the soul,
In such an altered time as this,

A Stream’s Singing

O HOW beautiful is Morning!
How the sunbeams strike the daisies,
And the kingcups fill the meadow
Like a golden-shielded army

A Question


SOUL, spirit, genius--which thou art--that whence
I know not, rose upon this mortal frame

A Dream Of Resurrection

SO heavenly beautiful it lay,
It was less like a human corse
Than that fair shape in which perforce
A lost hope clothes itself alway.

A Man’s Wooing

YOU said, last night, you did not think
In all the world of men
Was one true lover--true alike