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41. A Brothers Sunday 2/23/2012
42. Alone Within My Past 2/23/2012
43. Broken Glass 2/25/2012
44. Dark Woman 2/25/2012
45. Every Now And Then 2/25/2012
46. Deep Inside The Man 2/25/2012
47. A Child In These Hills 2/25/2012
48. All I Need Is One 2/25/2012
49. My Broken Heart Can'T Be Repaired 2/26/2012
50. Reminders 2/26/2012
51. Rock Me On The Water 2/26/2012
52. Standing In The Rain 2/26/2012
53. The Gaurdian Of Tears 2/26/2012
54. The Mirror 2/26/2012
55. Timeless 2/27/2012
56. Too Long The Setting Sun 2/27/2012
57. Three Small Words 2/27/2012
58. The Children Of My Children 2/27/2012
59. A Diamond Turned To Glass 2/27/2012
60. Even Though I Know You Are 2/28/2012
61. Frozen Moments 2/28/2012
62. I Was Carried By A Child 2/28/2012
63. In Black And Broken Hearted 2/28/2012
64. Listen To The Children 3/1/2012
65. Fields Of Sorrow 3/8/2012
66. The Shadows Fell 2/23/2012
67. For Connie (My Wife) 2/23/2012
68. Crystal Tears 2/25/2012
69. A Patch Of Blue 2/25/2012
70. Cursed 2/25/2012
71. Things My Father Said 2/22/2012
72. Written On The Wind 2/27/2012
73. The Dash 2/23/2012

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The Dash

Have you ever see a headstone, with the dates of life and death? ..
There always seems to be a dash between...
That dash is every moment, that a person ever lived...
But only birth and death are what is seen...

The dash is when you lived, and your life took shape for you...
And found the path that led you, to the date...
Engraved upon some headstone, somewhere, lost in fields of stone...
Forgotten, and ignored by time, and fate...

Explain to me, what's in the line, the dash, that's there to see...
Why not leave it blank on the stone? ...
But then...

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A Thought Of You

Someday, when I'm older, I may have a thought of you...
A smile on my face, within the memory that I view...
Remembering the ways of youth, and knowing youth is through...
Replace my smile with simple tears, for all the things we knew...

My lamp may light the room, of the things I come to find...
Though darkness overwhelms me, and deep reaches of my mind...
Imagining that long ago, and lost forgotten time...
When you had said you loved me, in words so soft, and kind...

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