Dipa Rani Gharami

Biography of Dipa Rani Gharami

Hello, I'm from India, live in Hyderabad city. Poetry to me is a wide flower in the forest.
Though it is not essential part of forest but it’s fragrance and beautify enrich the woods. And once the flower is noticed it become the essential part of the forest. Without the beauty of flower, it seems the forest is no longer filled or contented.

The same thing happened with me when it comes to poetry. Poetry became essential part of me when I see its wild beauty.

Most of the time I do read other poets work basically old classic. They makes me to travel a fascinating or magical world from where nobody wish to come back.

I do write poems, I write mostly free verse don't want to limit my story with rhythms until it is extreme necessary. Now I'm working on Haiku and Tanka.

Here I'm to encourage other poets and enjoy their work and share my work for a healthy critique.

Have a nice time..

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Oh artist, if you could draw a life in this dead world.

In a lonely afternoon you draw an unknown song,
In a sad dark night you draw a piece of full moon,
In a branch of a life less tree draw a singing bird,
In a graveyard you draw a bunch of red rose.

Oh artist, if you could draw a life in this dead world.

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