Dipti Date Gokhale

Dipti Date Gokhale Poems

1. Mask 11/29/2012
2. Perfect? ? ? 11/29/2012
3. What Is This Life... 11/29/2012
4. Friends & Friendships 11/29/2012
5. Farewell To Friends 11/29/2012
6. Manali - The Land Of Gods 11/29/2012
7. Memories Of Love 11/29/2012
8. What's Love? 11/29/2012
9. Departure 11/29/2012
10. To Flow Or Carve? .......Destiny Or Will? 11/29/2012
11. Constant Change 11/29/2012
12. What Do I Want? 11/29/2012
13. My Ideal Man 11/29/2012
14. Black, White And Grey... 11/29/2012
15. Carefree! 11/29/2012
16. Even One Is Company 11/29/2012
17. Wishful Longing... 11/29/2012
18. I Know Me. 11/29/2012
19. Nest 11/29/2012
20. Start...Stop 12/1/2012
21. Through Snaky Lanes I Wander 11/29/2012
22. From A Daughter To Her Dad 11/29/2012
23. Tribute To Parents 11/29/2012
Best Poem of Dipti Date Gokhale

Tribute To Parents

I have shared my feelings
& thoughts for you
Countless times
Still feel the need
To pen a few lines
Sometimes words fail
What I want to express
When I think of you
Out of the countless blessings I have
The most precious are you two

The pride of being your daughter
Is my corner stone
It binds me to you
Over internet and phone

All that you have given me
Things I can and cannot see
This bountiful inheritance
Shall enrich my existence

Today I say goodbye
For soon I will fly
But kindly remember
I am still your family ...

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Friends & Friendships

As gently as the breeze,
You touch my everyday.
Your closeness comforts me,
Fills colors in a world that's gray.

You bring warmth,
With your words of care.
Which make me feel precious,
More than I hope to dare.

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