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Divina Boulangé

Biography of Divina Boulangé

I've loved poetry since elementary when a teacher's aide held a poetry contest. And, although simple and somewhat absurd, my poem won first place!

I write about a variety of things. Many of the poems I write are never seen by other's eyes. Some poems 'happen' as just a rush of emotions I'm feeling at the time. Others require time and sweat to accomplish! In any case, I enjoy poetry because it is simply a way to put my thoughts and feelings on paper in a way that helps other people understand me.

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Not A Word

He was falsely accused
While Barabbas was excused.
He bore sin’s awful heavy shame.
Upon Himself, he took me blame.
Yet He said not a word.

Led to the slaughter like a lamb –
Jehovah, Adonai, the Great I AM.
Mocked and ridiculed, laughed to scorn,