Divine Idiong

Biography of Divine Idiong

Divine Friday Idiong aka Idiong Divine is an internationally acclaimed author of poetry, short stories. His first published work, a collection of poems, “Never Ending Poem”, got listed in the Akwa Ibom State Junior Secondary School curriculum in Nigeria. His collection of short stories, “Mind of Diamond” and “The Especial Visit”, which were released in 2012 and 2013 respectively, have been listed for both Literature in English students in colleges of education and for primary and post primary schools in Niger Delta region of Nigeria. His “Daura Girl” and “They Keep Living” are rich collections of poems available online for you. His stories like “Cornflakes”, “Anything Can Happen” and “A Fresh Start’” are equally available online for you.

Divine Idiong's Works:

1. 'Never Ending Poem'
2. 'Mind of Diamond'
3. 'The Especial Visit'
4. 'They Keep Living'
5. 'Daura Girl'

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They Have Done A Lot

They blow their own trumpets
Through the tubes
That they have done a lot.
And it’s true
They have done so much.

If you have witnessed the elections