DJD Quick/dd

Rookie (January 19,1990 / Denton)

DJD Quick/dd Poems

1. M. Uch Of E.Verything....Me 3/18/2006
2. My Mirror, My Walkway 3/18/2006
3. Past 3/19/2006
4. How? 3/19/2006
5. The Side Effects Of Love 3/19/2006
6. Stuck In My Own Religion (Confusion) 3/19/2006
7. My Gold (Written To Me By A Very Special Friend) 3/19/2006
8. A World Of Pain 3/19/2006
9. Honey 3/19/2006
10. A Wrong Kind Of Love 3/18/2006
11. I'M Missing You 3/18/2006
12. What I Love 3/19/2006
13. Rivets 3/19/2006
14. Dracula 3/19/2006
15. Pipe Day 3/19/2006
16. What I Want 3/19/2006
17. Good Men Are Hard To Find, Good Daddies Are Too, But I Have One And He Loves Me 3/19/2006
18. Key 3/19/2006
19. Dream 3/19/2006
20. Confusion Not Confucianism 3/19/2006
21. Mornings Are Hell 3/21/2006
22. Stripping 3/19/2006
23. Spontaneous Combustion 3/18/2006
24. Time After Time 3/19/2006
25. Another Face In The Crowd 3/18/2006
26. Dance, Dance 3/19/2006

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Best Poem of DJD Quick/dd

Dance, Dance

Dance through life
Dance through time
Dance around the felings
You don't want to be mine
You are dancing through a world
You don't want to see
You are beating to a rhythm
That doesn't lift you free
From this headbang
You are performing

Slow down your pace
Recollect your mind
Stop all the things
You never wanted to find

Make peace with your song
Go ahead and dance away life
Find your true inside
And make peace with your strife

Dance around those feelings
Dance around the world
Dnace straight to your heart
And what you ...

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A Wrong Kind Of Love

I've been watching you for a while now
I've grown to love your face
When I see your little quirks and habits
They send my heart all over the place

I can't help but notice you
When you pass me by
I can't help talking to you
When your desk is next to mine

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