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Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim, widely known as Doc PenPen, a doctor, a poet, an artist; creator of PENTASI B and recognized as Father of Visual Poetry.


Post doctorate studies, research and specialization in Anatomic Pathology, University of Santo Tomas,1987-1989; Doctorate degree in Medicine, University of The East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center,1980-1984; Full degree in Medical Technology, University of Santo Tomas,1976-1979.

Awards and Recognitions
Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim(real name: Dr. Epitacio R. Tongohan, M.D.) , has been awarded as The Most Outstanding Alumni in Career Achievement by UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association Inc., on February 6,2014, at Solaire Resort, Parañaque, Philippines; Director, PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry Celebration,2013 at Marble Hall, The National Museum of Filipino People, November 15,2013; Guest of Honor and Resource Speaker in Visual Poetry, Young Writers and Leaders Convergence, Boracay, Philippines, April 26-28,2013; World Poetry, Father of Visual Poetry 2012 by World Poetry Canada and International during the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, held at Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, on May 25,2012; Visionary Poet Award by Writers International Network, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, May 19,2012; The Father of Philippine Visual Poetry, by OTUSA.TV, Glendale, Los Angeles California, June 7,2012; Featured world visual poet at World Poetry Reading Series, October and November 2011; Contributor and featured world poet at Habertrak Kiraz Magazine, Turkey, July,2011; Creator and producer of “i” INSPIRE THE WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY, participated by 150 poets, students, teachers, writers and published authors around the globe, held at Cloud 9, Antipolo City, Philippines, April 10,2011.

Film Making
Filmmaker, writer and director of the award-winning digital indie docu-movie, TAKIPSILIM, cited by Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) 2008; The first duly registered, digital film in the Philippines, approved by Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) on 2007.

About Doc PenPen's Masterpiece, PENTASI B Collector's Edition
Once there was a dream. Doc PenPen’s burgeoning vision for Philippine Poetry to reach the four corners of the globe. Now, PENTASI B’s accomplishments have done justice to the vision of National Commission for Culture and the Arts(NCCA) . Doc PenPen, conferred and awarded internationally as Father of Visual Poetry and Visionary Poet, has unrelenting passion and undeterred obsession to make the Philippines as “The Poetry Hub of the World”. Ariadne Sawyer, founder of World Poetry Canada and International and People’s Laureate, in Vancouver, Canada, on May 25,2012, proclaimed, “Doc PenPen—a visionary, a poet, an artist that reaches the boundaries of the world! ” PENTASI B. Poetry, a new genre in the literary and postmodern visual poetry. The first volume of PENTASI B, Collector’s Edition, auctioned at USD 10,000.00 and all of the proceeds were donated for the education of the poor but talented Filipino students; PENTASI B Poetry Collector’s Edition exhibitions in Manila, Philippines, Richmond Canada, Los Angeles, California, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, USA,2012; The book had been prominently displayed at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centreof University of British Columbia on April 4- 30,2013 during the World Poetry International Peace Festival; Doc PenPen tinges a new discovery that surprised the world and concurred with the vision of National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Hon. Felipe De Leon, Jr. exalted: “…PENTASI B Poetry is a new discovery, a forefront of change. A great contribution to the world of modern literature and visual arts. It brings back the pride and honor for country and humanity as a whole. A living legacy.“

Historical Achievement
PENTASI B Historical Forum was attended by local and international poets, artists and writers around the world. It was initiated and sponsored by The National Library of The Philippines in collaboration with The National Museum of The Filipino People and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) on November 15,2013. The Director of National Library of the Philippines, Antonio M. Santos, acknowledged: 'PENTASI B is not just a book. It is a Filipino invention. It should be beyond the library world. An important cultural property'.
It sets the stage for exploring the beginning of PENTASI B as a groundbreaking form of poetry and for unraveling its original mission. How PENTASI B evolved from an unpretentious attempt at innovation to heralded breakthrough is totally unanticipated.
Doc PenPen, the man behind it and who is now known as “The Father of Visual Poetry”, merely wanted to dabble in poetry, the passion of his life. Naturally given to the transformational, he tirelessly experimented with forms and structures until he found a niche now known as visual poetry or PENTASI B to be more specific. Through PENTASI B, Doc PenPen infused a mission into his poetry – “to inspire, to heal, to awaken” for the betterment and the survival of Humankind and its harmonious co-existence with other lifeforms in the universes, which later became the foundation of his works.
This Forum had formally launched PENTASI B, a Filipino creation more than mere innovation. The visual presentation had traced how PENTASI B came into being. The distinguished speakers, all armed with credentials, had elaborated and discussed this new poetic form’s conformation for better understanding and judgment.

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