Dolores Hayden

(United States)

Biography of Dolores Hayden

Dolores Hayden is an American professor, urban historian, architect, author, and poet. She teaches architecture, urbanism, and American studies at Yale University.
Hayden received her B.A. in architecture from Mount Holyoke College in 1966. She also studied at Cambridge University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design where she obtained a professional degree. She is the widow of sociologist and novelist, Peter H. Marris and is the mother of Laura Hayden Marris.
Since 1973, Hayden has traveled to MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Yale to hold lectures about architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and American studies.
She founded a Los Angeles based non-profit arts and humanities group called The Power of Place which was active from 1984 to 1991. The goal of the organization was to, "celebrate the historic landscape of the center of the city and its ethnic diversity. Under her direction, collaborative projects on an African American midwife's homestead, a Latina garment workers' union headquarters, and Japanese-American flower fields engaged citizens, historians, artists, and designers in examining and commemorating the working lives of ordinary citizens." This is documented in the text, The Power of Place: Urban Landscapes as Public History. Updates

Flying Cars

hover above slow trucks—
in the name of Pegasus they wing past

stucco houses, commercial strips, miniature golf,
and the pale sand of the public beach.

Like poets, the designers test
roll, pitch, and yaw. They practice gliding,

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