Dominique Abeyta

Rookie (06/19/1992 / Denver)

Biography of Dominique Abeyta

Dominique Abeyta poet

Born in raised in Denver Colorado, I have been writing poetry since I was in grade school. Ever since then my poetry has not only been a huge part of my life but has lead me to where I am now and encourages me to keep going. I have my poetry published in and also in my high school senior year book and my freshman college arts book called the Ourglass. Freshman year of high school I was homeless and read my poetry on the sixteenth street mall for cash. It kept me afloat till my friend was able to help me out. I stopped writing for about a year after high school. Now I have realized how much writing rules my life, so I plan on creating my own books and getting into many other creative shenanigans.

Dominique Abeyta's Works:

I am published on, in the 2011-2012 ourglass of community college of denver and the 2010 year book of CEC. Updates

Flutter By Words

My head is swimming.
Dipping and diving in and out of the darkness and I keep myself in.
Some days are better than others but loneliness is a sin I have kept
and deep down inside i am weeping
drowning in
My own mess of scared childish thoughts
becoming invisible because I want to be
falling deeper but of course not feeling free.
This negativity that engulfs me

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