Dominique Lorraine

Rookie (September 27 / California)

Biography of Dominique Lorraine

I am a young aspiring writer/poet and am very much in need of all your comments or suggestions. I am extremely encouraged by all those who support my work and thank everyone who has something nice to say. I have been writing basically all my life and hopefully I continue to improve. I have developed a deep love for all literature and hope to pursue a future careers in the arts.

Dominique Lorraine's Works:

None... yet. I'm working on it. Lol. Updates

The Love Of A Sister

I know a girl with golden locks,
She never knew they shined.
Often, I smile and often, I talk,
I let her feel laughs, never pain.

She doesn’t hear of me- caring words.
I never knew her- wet eyes,
Her lips… a thin, thin line.