Don Juan Tenorio

Rookie (Andalucia Espana)

Don Juan Tenorio Poems

41. When I Make Love To Isabel 1/22/2011
42. My Lupita 1/22/2011
43. Ana Belle 1/22/2011
44. Women I Have Known 2/8/2011
45. Women To Love 12/3/2010
46. It Points Left 12/3/2010
47. I Got A Fat One 7/22/2011
48. Dancing In The Moonlight 9/6/2011
49. It Looked Looked A Taco 9/8/2011
50. It's So Deep 4/10/2012
51. You Say It's Too Big 4/10/2012
52. You See It Is Rock Hard 4/10/2012
53. I'M Not A Pervert 4/10/2012
54. Man In The Boat 10/13/2010
55. All Women Are Beautiful 12/3/2010
56. Spread Legs 10/11/2010
57. Your Panties Are Too Tight 10/11/2010
58. I'D Like To Be Your Bicycle Seat 10/9/2010
59. You Left Your Panties In My Car Last Night 10/9/2010
60. That G-String You Wear 10/7/2010
61. I Love The Way You Play The Flute 10/6/2010
62. Lying Naked Next To You 10/14/2010
63. Tight Little Butt 10/12/2010
64. Making Love In A Parked Car 12/3/2010
65. Cheating Women 12/3/2010
66. I Can See Your Nipples 10/11/2010
67. I Can Taste You On My Lips 10/6/2010
68. Making Love In The Closet 10/13/2010
69. Spent On You 10/7/2010
70. What A Beautiful Back You Have 10/6/2010
71. Your Breasts 10/5/2010
72. You 9/17/2010
73. What Is Love 9/17/2010
74. They Say You Are Easy 10/6/2010
75. Hot Torrid Sex 10/12/2010
76. Oh The Way You Moan 9/7/2011
77. I Need Your Hot Body Next To Me 10/11/2010
78. Transparent Panties 10/7/2010
79. Working My Way Down 10/6/2010
80. Caressing Your Breasts 10/11/2010

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Best Poem of Don Juan Tenorio

The Smell Of Raw Sex

We have made love in this room for hours now,
With the windows closed, and the curtains drawn.
There is an unmistakable odor about this room.
A scent of passion, the scent of a woman in the throes of passion.
The smell of a man going out of his mind over a woman.
The raw smell of sex permeates this room.
The smell of bodily fluids on the bed,
And all over each others bodies.
Mixed in with the smell of the sweat,
Produced by the love making.
It permeates the curtains,
It comes out of the window unit,
It wafts up off the bed,
It is all over the ...

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Long Beautiful Legs

Long beautiful legs, around my neck,
Bringing me in to your secret place.
So like a bird I start to peck,
And I feel the moisture on my face.
Long beautiful legs, around my waist,
Pulling me inside of you,
And still on my lips I have the taste,
Lick my lips, is what I do.

Don Juan Tenorio

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