Don Nguyen

Biography of Don Nguyen

I am a Christian who loves Jesus Christ my Lord with all my heart. I once longed to write poetry but did not have time until this May of 2013. I first enjoyed in composing them but now I found it to be burdensome; however, I am compelled to go on for one purpose only - to bring Christ to the world, to instill love for Him and among us. I always like to write down my contemplative thoughts, the dialogue with God, but not in the rigid form of poetry. To me poetry is written expression of a heart, so forgive me if my writing is so free of poetic rules.

The feelings are mine; the expressive words are His.

Thank you for reading. You are all in my prayers daily.

God Bless,

Don N. Updates

The Look In A Crowd

Color my soul with Your tender glance,
The crimson of immense love-suffering,
To melt away my heart, shake my world,
To bless me with Your touch, most intimate, most total.
Crowds often bring my soul silence,
Isolation to be exquisitely alone with You.
Oh this endearing moment,

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