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241. New Butterfly Swirls In The Summer Breeze 10/16/2014
242. A Tired Traveler 6/12/2015
243. Beauty Is Untamed 6/12/2015
244. My Prayer After Mass 3/14/2014
245. Spontaneous Outpouring Of Love 6/7/2013
246. Steady Course 10/14/2014
247. My Love Lost In Heaven 11/1/2013
248. New Creation 3/13/2014
249. Season Of Dryness 6/8/2013
250. Love In The Air 6/20/2013
251. Oh, I Have Fallen In Love 10/25/2013
252. A Game Of Hide And Seek 6/11/2013
253. I Live In The House Of The Rising Sun 7/1/2013
254. Highest Ascension 7/16/2013
255. Willfull Love, True Meaning Of Love 6/25/2013
256. Response For Love 6/25/2013
257. My Favorite Poet 6/18/2013
258. Attempt To Define Love 6/13/2013
259. The Last Supper 5/28/2013
260. I Love To See You Wakening In The Morning 6/13/2013
261. Weakness’ Betrayal 6/12/2013
262. From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Thank You. 7/16/2013
263. A Poet 6/16/2013
264. Is Love Mere Word? 10/29/2013
265. You Bring The Light Into My World 10/31/2013
266. Lord, Have Mercy On Us 6/19/2013
267. The New Creation 11/26/2013
268. Babble Like A Child 10/13/2014
269. Rest, My Darling 6/10/2013
270. A Glimpse At Goodness 6/10/2013
271. Renewal Of A Wedding Vow 10/25/2013
272. To Melt His Heart 6/15/2013
273. The Mysteries Of God 7/25/2013
274. You Are My Inspiration 10/27/2013

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Best Poem of Don Nguyen

You Are My Inspiration

I will never leave you, my Love, for I love you
For you are my Master and I am your subject
You have inspired all my writes, both old and new
All I ever knew was to write about you and me
Never leave me, my Love, for singing love ballads to you is my greatest delight
Thus, there is no need for human audience, celestial bodies I might invite
Not like a painter who needs to display his arts
Or a pianist who has to compose and perform to the pleasing of his crowd
I recite aloud my poem exclusively to your majestic crown
For your eyes’ pleasing is all I need due to the ...

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The Last Supper

The last evening of His life,
All sweetness crystallized,
All tenderness condensed,
He gives His All to me, to you,
To the world till the end of time.
He prepares the solemn meal with all yearning.
The Food is His heart.
The Drink is His love.
The Invitation is His desire.

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