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  • ''advance yourself as an individual''
    know yourself.identify who you are, what you can do, and your challenges.
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  • ''design is a forge of reality, learn to live with it and use it to your advantage.''
    the creation of life is's only up to the created to serve its purpose.unlike humans who have choices, one have to use what he or she has to gain what he or she it magical or not it is is what makes you alive.
  • ''The taste of the banana fruit is on the tongue''
    life is about experiences.
  • ''Life is more necessary to be lived by the soul rather than the heart''
    Life is a seed.what's inside that seed is that that will be harvested.

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Seeing Is Believing

Lets see how time flies
Lets see how fatal brother-man dies
Lets see how our tongue speak lies
Yet! We stand firm to call out for Christ
Most are lost in this world of fears
oh it's more painfull to see a mothers'tears
Falling from above a tinny drops that brings to the desert earth sweet joy
Too much, and see it spoil
My heart burns for nothing

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