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In 2013 I retired as a psychologist and licensed marriage & family therapist to be the full-time caregiver for my stroke-disabled wife. I am still very active as a musician with Shades Mountain Air, a bluegrassbluegrass gospel band ( and I just published my first book: Love Lyrics: The Musical Marital Manual (http: // . It's the only marriage self-help book written in song lyric/rhyming light verse form to educate through the power of music, metaphor, poetry, entertainment, stories, chats, symbolism, and fun.

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Love Lyrics: The Musical Marital Manual (http: // Updates

Love Lyrics

by Don Wendorf, Psy.D.; LMFT

Oh, your love would place me welded to your waist, in some syrupy symbiosis.
You say your blood runs high, ‘cause I’m your “Sweetie-pie” in your sugary psychosis.
Oh, you offer to, box a kangaroo,
Give the stars and moon, croon a lover’s tune,
Walk into a fire, to prove your heart’s desire,
Give me all your money, if I’ll be your “Honey, ”

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