Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney Poems

921. A Man And A Dog 5/18/2016
922. A Great Time For A Climb 5/18/2016
923. Remembering A War We Tend To Forget 5/20/2016
924. Ecumenical Fellow Arrested And Charged 10/31/2015
925. No John Wayne 5/20/2016
926. A Mulligan May Be The Answer 5/21/2016
927. A Note To Young Writers 5/22/2016
928. Bill Of Indictment 5/22/2016
929. An Epidemic, They Say 5/22/2016
930. Crosses In The Park 5/22/2016
931. An Old Friend In A Box 5/23/2016
932. Hot Spots In The City 5/25/2016
933. Put A Fork In Herb 5/25/2016
934. It Could Be Important 5/25/2016
935. A Poet's Dilemma 5/27/2016
936. Holocaust Redux 5/27/2016
937. Two Grackles And A Cat 5/27/2016
938. Fifty Years Ago Today 5/28/2016
939. Pastor's Wife Talks To A Reporter 5/29/2016
940. A Heart Ticks In Here 5/30/2016
941. People In Houses 6/1/2016
942. Earthquake In The Yard 6/1/2016
943. Formula At The Pharmacy 6/1/2016
944. A Hollow Tale 6/2/2016
945. Sunday In The City 6/2/2016
946. Black Butterfly 6/5/2016
947. Ceos And Hogs 6/7/2016
948. Reviewing Troops Not There 6/7/2016
949. A Place To Put Stuff 6/8/2016
950. Our Mistakes Are Us 6/8/2016
951. A Cockamamie Diagnosis 6/10/2016
952. Is He There? 6/10/2016
953. A Trip To The City 6/12/2016
954. Apathy Worse Than Hate 6/12/2016
955. Election Year 7/29/2016
956. Another Four Years 7/30/2016
957. A Radical Difference 7/30/2016
958. Mike Was Never A Stanley 8/6/2016
959. Getting Everything Done 8/6/2016
960. Cloudy With A Chance Of Anything 8/7/2016

Comments about Donal Mahoney

  • Eugene Levich Eugene Levich (7/4/2015 12:10:00 PM)

    Viva Donal Mahoney... author of some of the loveliest poetry I've read this year!

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  • Cece D Cece D (9/23/2013 9:00:00 AM)

    Love your writing! Keep it up

Best Poem of Donal Mahoney

A Good Neighbor

Cookies for George,
40 years back from Viet Nam,
are the only payment
the man will accept
to mow your lawn,
rake your leaves,
shovel your snow.

He sleeps behind
his brother's house
above the garage.
Every two weeks
he shaves and bathes.
His brother takes him
to the Veterans Hospital.

George has cancer again
40 years after Agent Orange.
But he'll mow your lawn,
rake your leaves
and shovel your snow
for nothing less than
cookies for George.

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In Break Formation

The indications used to come
like movie fighter planes in break
formation, one by one, the perfect
plummet, down and out. This time they’re
slower. But after supper, when I hear her
in the kitchen hum again, hum higher,
higher, till my ears are numb,
I remember how it was
the last time: how she hummed

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