Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney Poems

1201. After Christmas Ends 1/8/2017
1202. A Stranger In The Soup Kitchen Spills The Beans 1/9/2017
1203. Never Know Who Might Be Listening 1/9/2017
1204. And Go For A Birdsong Ride 1/13/2017
1205. Mourning A Child At Midnight 1/13/2017
1206. Birthday For An Old-Timer 1/13/2017
1207. Another Birthday For Dr Martin Luther King 1/15/2017
1208. Art For Pete's Sake 1/15/2017
1209. Groundhog Rebuked 2/11/2017
1210. Death Penalties 2/11/2017
1211. Another Movie Of The Past 2/12/2017
1212. America Wasn't So Bad Back Then 2/12/2017
1213. A Piece Of Fruit Every Morning 2/13/2017
1214. Address Change 2/13/2017
1215. At Sadie's Soul Food Grill 2/17/2017
1216. Concealed Carry At The Mall 2/17/2017
1217. A Prescient Moment 2/17/2017
1218. Freckles They Called Him 2/19/2017
1219. A Swede, A Dane And Two Norwegians 2/19/2017
1220. A Sportsman On The Weekends 2/19/2017
1221. Animal Person 2/19/2017
1222. A Matter Of Preference 2/20/2017
1223. Doing Laundry On A Farm In The Fifties 2/20/2017
1224. An Uppercut I Remember 2/23/2017
1225. A Fine Distinction 2/25/2017
1226. An Odd Bobcat 2/27/2017
1227. Downsizing 2/28/2017
1228. Bully For Him 2/28/2017
1229. Children Are Why We Need Higher Taxes 3/2/2017
1230. Cold Coffee's Back In Ireland 3/3/2017
1231. A Gray Day 3/3/2017
1232. Everybody's Friend 3/4/2017
1233. Alive And Dead 3/4/2017
1234. Agnostic's Mystery 3/5/2017
1235. A Sidewalk Cemetery 3/5/2017
1236. A Garage Band Sayonara 3/5/2017
1237. The Wild West Of Dubville 3/5/2017
1238. Emails Are Launching 3/9/2017
1239. Finding A Refugee A Home 3/10/2017
1240. A St. Patrick's Day Memory 3/12/2017

Comments about Donal Mahoney

  • Eugene Levich Eugene Levich (7/4/2015 12:10:00 PM)

    Viva Donal Mahoney... author of some of the loveliest poetry I've read this year!

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  • Cece D Cece D (9/23/2013 9:00:00 AM)

    Love your writing! Keep it up

Best Poem of Donal Mahoney

A Good Neighbor

Cookies for George,
40 years back from Viet Nam,
are the only payment
the man will accept
to mow your lawn,
rake your leaves,
shovel your snow.

He sleeps behind
his brother's house
above the garage.
Every two weeks
he shaves and bathes.
His brother takes him
to the Veterans Hospital.

George has cancer again
40 years after Agent Orange.
But he'll mow your lawn,
rake your leaves
and shovel your snow
for nothing less than
cookies for George.

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In Break Formation

The indications used to come
like movie fighter planes in break
formation, one by one, the perfect
plummet, down and out. This time they’re
slower. But after supper, when I hear her
in the kitchen hum again, hum higher,
higher, till my ears are numb,
I remember how it was
the last time: how she hummed

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