Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney Poems

161. Fruit Cocktail 8/21/2013
162. Woodpeckers And Cable News 8/23/2013
163. Seventeen Year Itch 8/25/2013
164. Preacher In The Duck Blind 8/26/2013
165. Albeit Of Salt 8/26/2013
166. A Gathering Of Generations 8/26/2013
167. School Days 8/30/2013
168. The Hell Of Agent Orange 9/3/2013
169. Homemade Cookies And Gin 9/4/2013
170. Father's Day 5/28/2013
171. Siren Of The Streets 9/8/2013
172. Continuity 9/16/2013
173. Charley On My Harley 5/2/2013
174. The Odyssey Of Pastor Harold Schnabel 5/2/2013
175. Soldier Boy 9/20/2013
176. Songwriter's Nightmare 9/23/2013
177. Vocabulary Test 9/23/2013
178. Harvesting Pumpkins 9/23/2013
179. Satan's Annual Report 9/24/2013
180. The First Of The Year 9/26/2013
181. It Happened At The Art Institute 9/26/2013
182. Stumps In His Cabbage 9/27/2013
183. Another Sinner's Prayer 9/29/2013
184. Three Women Wait For The Morning Bus 10/1/2013
185. Zambezi In Zimbabwe 9/9/2013
186. Scene From Yom Kippur 1972 9/15/2013
187. True Story On The Morning News 10/7/2013
188. Moment In A Marriage 4/8/2013
189. What Me Worry? 10/9/2013
190. Gentleman's Club 10/9/2013
191. That's Our Song Back When 10/28/2013
192. New Pickle On Christmas Eve 10/29/2013
193. When Every Day Is Halloween 10/31/2013
194. Gift From A Daughter Who Disappeared 10/31/2013
195. Meg's New Walls 11/1/2013
196. Death A Bear 11/4/2013
197. One Celt, Armed 11/6/2013
198. An Irish Enclave,1956 11/7/2013
199. From The Train Going Home 11/8/2013
200. Birds Of Paradise 11/8/2013

Comments about Donal Mahoney

  • Eugene Levich Eugene Levich (7/4/2015 12:10:00 PM)

    Viva Donal Mahoney... author of some of the loveliest poetry I've read this year!

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  • Cece D Cece D (9/23/2013 9:00:00 AM)

    Love your writing! Keep it up

Best Poem of Donal Mahoney

Income Equality

Wilbur's always lived
in the navel of society,
lost in the lint
of the middle class.

His parents lived there too.
So will his children if they
fail to win the lottery.
Not a problem for Wilbur.

From his navel he can
see the poor sweat
at jobs they died for.
When he looks up

he can see the rich bet
on stocks and then relax
with wine and caviar.
That's the way the world works.

Wilbur's father told him
it's always been that way
and always will be.
And like his father

Wilbur knows the world
will always have ...

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In Break Formation

The indications used to come
like movie fighter planes in break
formation, one by one, the perfect
plummet, down and out. This time they’re
slower. But after supper, when I hear her
in the kitchen hum again, hum higher,
higher, till my ears are numb,
I remember how it was
the last time: how she hummed

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