donald kuutsi

Rookie - 363 Points (HARARE, Zimbabwe / 9 july 1991)

donald kuutsi Poems

1. Future Anthem-(Life) 8/7/2012
2. L M Tired Of Trying 8/9/2012
3. Soildier Of My Heart 8/9/2012
4. Inside The World I Dwell 8/12/2012
5. The Generation Of Reconciliation (917 Prayer) 8/29/2012
6. I Dont Want (917 Prayer Ii) 8/29/2012
7. Lost Glory 10/22/2012
8. Final Hour(Final Academic Battle) 10/28/2012
9. Conflict Of Intrest 11/3/2012
10. I M Coming Home(Inequity Confession) 11/3/2012
11. Tango Pal 11/18/2012
12. The Predator 11/25/2012
13. Legacy 11/25/2012
14. ''Lost Love'' (Donald Kuutsi, Gaylord Munemo Collaboration) 12/8/2012
15. I M Back (#the Unpluged Mystries#) 12/8/2012
16. Falling In Love (Donald Kuutsi&Gaylord Munemo Collaboration) 12/15/2012
17. Sky Fall 12/18/2012
18. Harare 12/20/2012
19. Chishuwo(In Memory Of The Late Antony Kuutsi I And Angela Kuutsi 11/3/2012
20. Conflict Of Intrest(Clean Version, Donald Kuutsi&Gaylord Munemo Collaboration) 11/18/2012
21. Tomorrow 11/18/2012
22. Love Melody 11/18/2012
23. Life Design (Life As A Design) 12/20/2012
24. Lost Glory Ii 12/28/2012
25. Live Whilst You Are Young 1/2/2013
26. Paida 1/2/2013
27. Guns&Dices 1/2/2013
28. Wounded Heart(Stolen Heart #unpluged Version#) 1/2/2013
29. Music[ Collaboration With Gaylord Munemo, Miranda Mabuto And Delboy Jones] 1/9/2013
30. I Do It 1/12/2013
31. Phantom 1/12/2013
32. Vaccation 1/15/2013
33. I Cant Believe It [tori Evans] 1/15/2013
34. You Have Gone[collaboration With Gaylord Munemo] 1/15/2013
35. I Put On 1/16/2013
36. 3rd Degree Tragedy [unpluged Mystries] 1/16/2013
37. My Ego 1/17/2013
38. Music[unpluged Version] 1/17/2013
39. Time-Collaboration With Kudakwashe Chiwara 2/8/2013
40. Flying Memories-Collaboration With Miosha Simons, John Fihijin&Gaylord Munemo 2/15/2013
Best Poem of donald kuutsi

I Had A Dream

l had a dream
that one day through
the grace of the Almighty
l m going to sail through in
this voyage...

I had a dream, that through
the wire l m going to spazz
when '' GOD SAYS YES! ! ''Its only
a matter of time, one day
l will make it to the top of the
spotlight in the game not for
sake of GLORY

I had a dream that one day
my name will light up
the world sky line bringing a change and l had a dream
that one day they are going
to put my name under perfectionist in their books..
I had a dream

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Future Anthem-(Life)

Life is like a game sometimes,
you have to win or lose......
Its a climb, its an uphill battle its
not about how fast you get there..

Wake up and smell the coffee under your have the smell of the direction out of the have to open up your eyes wide like a falcon kestrel
to see what the future holds....

The game is like an F1 race, you got to open

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