Donald Revell

(1954 / New York)

Donald Revell Poems

1. Election Year 6/22/2015
2. Warm Days in January 2/18/2016
3. Against Pluralism 5/22/2017
4. Benzene 5/22/2017
5. "Birds small enough..." 5/22/2017
6. Borodin 5/22/2017
7. The Children 5/22/2017
8. Death 5/22/2017
9. Elegy a Little 5/22/2017
10. The Glens of Cithaeron 5/22/2017
11. Homage to John Frederick Peto 5/22/2017
12. An Instrument Also 5/22/2017
13. Last 5/22/2017
14. Lyre 5/22/2017
15. Gihon 5/22/2017
16. Vietnam Epic Treatment 5/22/2017
17. My Mojave 5/22/2017
18. The Northeast Corridor 5/23/2017
19. Odysseus Hears of the Death of Kalypso 5/23/2017
20. Outbreak 5/23/2017
21. Pericles 5/23/2017
22. "Some motionless conflict in the sky..." 5/23/2017
23. Stilling 5/23/2017
24. Survey 5/23/2017
25. "Unreal precision of the houses..." 5/23/2017
26. Inquire 5/23/2017
27. Advent 5/23/2017
28. A Clasp 5/23/2017
29. Bending with the Sky 5/23/2017
30. Virgil Watched Them 1/20/2003
31. My Trip 1/26/2015

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Best Poem of Donald Revell

My Trip

I am looking at a smallpox vaccination scar
In a war movie on the arm
Of a young actor. He has just swum
Across a river somewhere in Normandy
Into the waiting arms of his rejoicing comrades.

Of course, the river's in California,
And the actor is dead now. Nevertheless,
This is the first of many hotels this trip,
And I find myself preferring wars
To smut on the networks,
Even as I find myself reading
The Pisan Cantos for the umpteenth time
Instead of the novel in my bag.
The poet helps me to the question:
Does anything remain of home at ...

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Warm Days in January

It has never been so easy to cry
openly or to acknowledge children.
Never before could I walk directly
to the center of an island city
feeling the automatism of millions
drawing one pious breath, shouldering
the sunset, holding it up in the oily
tree-line a while longer. Years ago,
I was never sad enough and nothing

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